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2014 Latest catches

Stirling Council Fisheries

Since opening day we have had a further 3 spring salmon caught and returned in Callander town water. Glenn Grant caught his first spring salmon on his first outing of the season at the Black hole using a Toby on the 7th of February.


Without doubt the current highlight of the 2014 season was a fish caught and returned by Simon Dupray at the tail of the Black hole pool in Callander caught on a Ruby red floating devon. This fish was estimated at 25lbs! A fantastic catch this early in the season with the current spring salmon stocks in decline it is essential that we protect these fish to go onto spawn. Well done to Simon, this will be a hard one to beat this season!


Recent high water levels have made it harder to intercept any fish coming up the river so with water levels now dropping we should see more fish being caught providing anglers dust off the cobwebs and get out for a cast.

A recent story we have heard of a 12lb Springer caught at the Tom Na Khessog by a regular fisherman on Stirling Council Fisheries. If I receive a picture it will be posted on the next update.

It would be much appreciated if any pictures of fish caught on Stirling Council Fisheries could be sent to Max McKinstrie

This blog will keep anglers up to date through out the season of latest catches and any improvements to Stirling Council Fisheries for the benefit of the anglers.

Stirling Council Fisheries

2014 Teith Opening Day

Launch of the River Teith Callander 2014


The opening of Stirling Council fisheries on Saturday 1st Feb 2014 saw a record turnout with the crowd estimated over 300 people walking down Callander Main Street to celebrate the opening of one of Scotlandís great rivers. The day began with anglers and supporters of the river meeting at Ancaster Square at 9am. At 9.15 the parade set off lead by the Tulliallan pipe band with Sir Ian Botham, Provost Mike Robbins and the anglers following suit.


Congregating at the meadows car park Provost Mike Robbins welcomed everyone and expressed the strong message of catch and release on the River Forth & Teith system to preserve and protect our valuable decreasing spring salmon stock.

Conservation caps were handed out Jim Harkin and Marcus Tripney for demonstrating outstanding conservation over a long period of time and from the previous season. Sir Ian was then asked to open the new season by pouring a dram from Deanston distillery into the river.

Ann and Peter from Deanston distillery were on hand to provide anglers with the tradition of an opening day miniature.

The anglers then dispersed to there own favourite spots for a days fishing with the hope of catching a prized Teith Springer.

Reports came in at around 11am that first fresh fish had been caught, 15lb on a Toby in the Black Hole by David Murray from Partick.
Congratulations David. †
The second fresh fish also came from the Black Hole pool, 13lb on the fly caught by Mike Helszajn
Well done Mike.

2014 Opening Day Video

Overall the day was a great success and Stirling Council Fisheries staff thank everyone that turned up to celebrate the opening of the 2014 fishing season and a big thank you to Deanston distillery for the continued support and sponsorship.


Stirling Council Fisheries

Science And The River.

The River Forth Fisheries Trust have once again invested in the services of a full time biologist whose remit is to gather , collate, analyse and present information to the Trust and the F.D.S.F.B. These reports , base on sound scientific principles and practice , monitor the health of our watercourse ecosystems or biodiverities from plant and water quality to fish life and distribution. The information gleaned from these reports guide the Trust and the Board in deciding where and how to channel funding into river improvements to gain the maximum return. Dr. Joanna Girvan, R.F.F.T. appointed resident biologist will be regularly updating this page with scientific information as it becomes available.

Scale Readings.

A number of scale samples were taken during the period 2000-2004 by the previous biologist Dr. Colin Bull. He was assisted greatly in that task by Davie Adams and the results make extremely interesting reading. It shows clearly that the river is mainly populated by salmon that have spent 2 years as parr in nursery habitat before smolting and heading to sea for the first time , returning after 2 sea winters and therefore tagged as 2/2 in the reports. You will see various permutations included in the report , always showing years in fresh water/years at sea. To view the results see Scale Reading Results 2001., ,Scale Reading Results 2002. andScale Reading Results 2003-2004. Scale readings from a large sea trout , thought to be caught by Jamie Mathieson at Deanston , were also taken. For the results see Sea Trout Reading Results 2000.